Plant List

CNC Turning

Up to 580mm dia x 2000mm long max

Our CNC Turning section consists of the following:

Mazak Nexus 450M  Mill/Turn Centre x 2 metres

Mazak QT 350MY  Mill/Turn Centre x 1.25 metres  [Smooth Control]

Mazak QT 200MY  Mill/Turn Centre x 625mm [Smooth Control] c/w Bar Feed

Mazak Nexus 250 MY-11-1500 Mill/Turn Centre x 1.5 metres

Mazak Integrex 300 SY Twin Spindle Mill/Turn Centre with Robot Loader

Mazak Super QT 18 MSY Mill/Turn Centre  c/w Bar Feed

Mazak QT18M Universal Mill/Turn Centre

Mazak SQT 250M Mill/Turn Centre

Mazak SQT 15MS Twin Spindle. Mill/Turn Centre c/w Bar Feed

Mazak QT 20HP Universal c/w Bar Feed

Mazak QT 18N Universal c/w Bar Feed

CNC Milling

Up to 2000mm x 900mm x 900mm

Our CNC Milling Section includes the following:

Haas VF7/50    2134mm x 813mm x 762mm Travel  BT50

Haas VF5/50 1270mm x 660mm x 635mm Travel   BT50

Leadwell MCV-2000S 2000mm x 900mm x 900mm Travel

XYZ 3000 SLV    1040mm x 430mm Travel with MX2 CNC Control

PRO 3000    1370mm x 305mm Table with Age 2 CNC Control

KMX SLV 3000   1000mm x 410mm Travel with KMX Control


Mitutoyo Euro M544 Co-ordinate Measuring Machine with Aberlink 3D Software

Mitutoyo Profile Projector

Conventional Machining

Harrison M450 Lathe

Colchester Student Lathe

Huron KU5 Universal Mill 1295mm x 406mm x 406mm Travel

Jones & Shipmen Universal Grinders 300mm Dia x 600mm long   2 - off

XYZ Auto Hydraulic Surface Grinder  6” x 18” Magnetic Chuck

Vertical Spindle Grinder 139mm x 254mm Magnetic Chuck

Horizontal Spindle Grinder  150mm x 355mm Magnetic Chuck

Everising Saw Auto  Maximum Dia Cut  460mm

Alligator Saw Auto Maximum Dia Cut  250mm

Horizontal Broach Maximum Keyway Width 14mm

Vertical Key Seater 

Various Pillar Drilling Machines

BOC 225 amp Mig Welding Plant

Oxford 200 amp Manual Arc Welding Plant

15 Ton Garage Type Hydraulic Press

Vacublast Sandblaster Cabinet and Extractor System

Vibro - Deburr Barrel

TR100 Broken Tap & Drill Disintegrator